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Google Daydream / Cardboard VR

NEW from VPiX. Now you can create a 360 VR for Google Daydream VR and any Google Cardboard VR and dozens of other Google-compatible VR headsets like the D-Scope, Google Cardboard 2, I am Cardboard, Bobo VR, D-scope and dozens more.

VPiX can create your VR tours at a fraction of the cost of hiring a Unity 3D developer team. We can also print your logo and ship hundreds or thousands of headsets. Contact us to learn more.
360 TIP: Take your iPhone, Android, Windows mobile or Google Pixel phone and load up the VPiX URL into your browser. Turn phone sideways. Click the black button: ENTER VR and insert your phone into the headset. To navigate, simply line up the ( + ) cross hair on the icon or navigation arrow. This is how you move around. If you are using a Daydream VR, you won’t need the remote hand held pointer.